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Crowdopolis 2012 – Konferenz zum Einsatz von Crowdsourcing in Unternehmen

28.05.2012, 14:20 Aktuelles, Newsticker Claudia Pelzer

Am 19. Juli wird in Los Angeles die Crowdopolis Konferenz stattfinden. Zielgruppe sind Manager, deren Unternehmen sich über den Einsatz von Crowdsourcing informieren wollen. Im Fokus stehen wird der Einsatz in Feldern wie Advertising, Tech, und Content Marketing im Laufe der nächsten drei Jahre. David Bratvold (The Daily Crowdsource) verrät uns einige Hintergründe zur Veranstaltung.

Claudia: Why should companies implement Crowdsourcing in their business processes?

David: First & foremost, crowdsourcing isn’t something every company should implement. What companies should understand are the challenges they are faced with when implementing crowdsourcing. Once the implementation is figured out, the biggest benefit companies see is a huge surge in productivity. Things are done much, much faster than before. Consequently, money & labor costs are also being conserved. The wonderful thing about crowdsourcing is that can be utilized in so many different areas of an organization. Some of the common areas include content marketing, advertising, technology & innovation – which is why we’ve assembled the biggest players of the space at Crowdopolis to talk about all the different things that can be accomplished with crowdsourcing.

Claudia: What’s the main hurdle to do so?

David: The main hurdle to implementing crowdsourcing in a business is simply understanding how to do so. Once you understand how much of an impact it will have on your field, it should be a high priority in your organization. The companies that implement it first will have a clear advantage over those that don’t. Think about a company that has their own customers writing their product pages, compared with a company who is essentially guessing what their customers want.

Claudia: How do events like Crowdopolis support companies in understanding and using crowdsourcing mechanisms?

David: Everything that will take place at Crowdopolis has been curated by one of the main neutral voices in crowdsourcing. Our goal is not to make it a huge crowdsourcing sales pitch, but rather educate big businesses about the possibilities it can have, & most importantly the challenges they will be faced with. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of whether or not they should implement crowdsourcing in their own organizations. We don’t benefit from companies implementing crowdsourcing, we benefit from companies improving.

Claudia: Thank you very much for the insights David!

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